best makeup for wrinkles around eyes

If you are beginning to have wrinkles in a specific area of your face, finding the best make up to hide wrinkles there can be difficult. Even with a few tips, you will still want to know what products work best in a given situation. There is no one single answer that will apply universally to everyone who has facial wrinkles or even just fine lines. Your best bet is to learn as much as possible about the best make up to hide wrinkles and fine lines in your particular area. The cosmetics you use will help determine how smooth the rest of your face looks.

Many popular makeup companies offer lines of foundation, concealers and eye shadows that are designed specifically for use around the eyes. However, many older and aging skin types simply do not work well for older skin without the extreme coverage that comes with powder-based make up. Powder-based cosmetics and heavy cream foundation may settle into fine facial lines, leaving you with an overly dull appearance after applying your makeup. Many people who want to avoid this beauty problem will choose foundation that contains more oil-absorbing ingredients. This can work well for some women who need the coverage of cake foundations without having to worry about oiliness. Here are common picks for foundation that contains oil-absorbing ingredients that work without settling into fine lines:

Bare Minerals is one brand that many people find easy to apply and leaves behind noticeable coverage. It contains jojoba oil that is infused with vitamins A and E and titanium dioxide. Because it is a liquid foundation, it can be applied easily and will not cake or run onto the surface if applied with an upward strokes. This brand also has moisturizers and sun defense ingredients that help it to stay fresh and hydrated even after you’ve applied it. The powder-free, mineral-infused foundation offers sheer coverage and blends in with the skin to create a natural look. Because of the light coverage, it can be worn alone as a lightweight concealer and also can be used during the day with a sheer, luminous powder to control the look of age spots.

Bare Minerals makeup matches most skin tones and looks great with a variety of skin colors. It is also highly recommended by makeup artists as a finishing powder before they apply the traditional liquid foundation to skin. The powder will settle onto the face and will not clog pores or become cakey. Liquid foundation has a tendency to settle and run when applied to the face, especially around the eye area. For this reason, powder can be applied with an upward strokes to give the illusion of fine lines while creating a natural look.

Oxygen Correct is another brand that works to hide wrinkles around the eyes. It contains vitamin E and other antioxidants, which improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Oxygen Correct can be used alone or as a finishing powder for the face. Oxygen Correct can also be used as a neck cream by spraying it on the neck and allowing it to dry.

Wrinkle Eye Cream from Jane Iredale Design is a moisturizer and eye serum that offers a natural look while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. This eye serum contains Cynergy TK, a fusion of enzymes and peptides that promotes the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. It also contains essential oils and a special moisturizing agent that leaves a radiant glow after application.