Mac's 19 Broadway in Fairfax CA

Mac's 19 Broadway is a charming, stylish lounge with a cocktail list that features perfectly crafted classics and prohibition style cocktails. They also use house-made shrubs and bitters, and the menu includes a carefully curated craft beer selection. Live music is also a popular draw, and this bar has a rich history of hosting it. While you might not want to spend all night here, you'll definitely enjoy the atmosphere and the menu.

Mac's 19 Broadway

Before the 2010 earthquake and subsequent gentrification, Mac's 19 Broadway was a mainstay of the Fairfax music scene. Live music was played nightly, and the intimate club was frequented by San Francisco aristocrats and a variety of local rock bands. But as the town gentrified and family-oriented dining options increased, Mac's found itself struggling to attract rock fans. And when a pandemic hit the area, the nightclub seemed to be on a downward spiral.

The stylish and sophisticated lounge at Mac's 19 Broadway offers everything from perfectly crafted classics to prohibition style cocktails. Guests can choose from the carefully curated craft beer list and try out their live music. The private bar is available for special events and parties. And the bar is also home to a live music venue that is well-known for its regular performances. However, the atmosphere here is more than just a hangout.


Located at 19 Broadway in Fairfax, Mac's 19 Broadway is an upscale cocktail bar. This establishment features a VIP room. The restaurant was converted from a former ice cream parlor in 2007. Until recent closures, McCarthy co-owned the spot. He partnered with the Ghiringhelli family to buy it back, and he has spent hours refurbishing the building.


Located at the base of Mount Tam, Mac's 19 Broadway is a laid back venue perfect for small intimate weddings and galas. Guests enjoy their drinks and food, and there are several bars to choose from. The menu at Mac's is updated frequently to reflect the latest culinary trends. You can view the current menu or download a printable copy of the menu. For more information, visit the restaurant's website.


Prices at Mac's 19 Broadway in Fairfax, CA vary depending on the type of event. For a small intimate gathering, you can book the Bootleggers Lounge. Alternatively, you can choose to have a large, elegant party in the refurbished Main Lounge. Here, you'll find $12 to $14 cocktails. Try the Lord Fairfax cocktail, named for Virginia aristocrat Lord Charles Snowden Fairfax. The cocktail combines bourbon, amaro, walnut bitters, absinthe, and gin.

The downtown area includes several shops and restaurants, as well as the historic Alpine Building. In addition, the upscale Fairfax area is dotted with former summer cottages. The median single-family-home price in 2013 was $724,107, and the maximum was $1,625,000. The Fairfax average home price in 2013 increased by 16% over 2012.