When you think of fashionable streetwear, what comes to mind? In this article, we'll talk about the HERO/BLACK line, which elevates Chicago streetwear by adding a premium aesthetic to classic silhouettes and high-tech fabrics. Borris Powell, Ann Everett Fashion Designs, and Sam Kori George are all worth checking out, but who's next? And what's in store for Chicago streetwear in the future?
Borris Powell

Inspired by the fashions of Christian Dior, Borris Powell moved to Chicago in 1997 to start her design career. Unfortunately, she could not afford fashion school at that time, so she enrolled in a sewing class at a local Jo-Ann Fabric Store. With her entrepreneurial skills and creativity, Powell pursued her dream and built a following of loyal followers. She creates silhouettes that embody chic city life with a nod to comforting memories.

While living in Chicago, Powell produces custom clothing for men and women. She designs clothing and accessories that are both for sale and for runway shows. She is also an accomplished designer, creating outfits for celebrities, as well as designing masks, handbags, runway apparel, and tops. Her pieces convey a dramatic sense of self. The designs of this Chicago-based fashion designer can be admired by celebrities and fashion lovers alike.
Ann Everett Fashion Designs

Born and raised in Tipperary, Ireland, Ann Everett has become a successful self-taught fashion designer. She draws her inspiration from old textiles and the landscapes of various locations. Her passion for clothing is evident in her unique and fun designs, which are both functional and freeing. The fashion designer is set on becoming a household name in the Chicago fashion scene and throughout the Midwest. She has already created a loyal following, and her pieces are now available at select stores in the city.

The brand aims to create one-of-a-kind garments. You can follow Ann Everett on Instagram and contact her team to place orders for the pieces that appeal to you. Her aesthetic is easy, functional, and effortless, with an emphasis on fine details and quality materials. Moreover, she aligns herself with some of the world's leading fashion houses, such as Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford. Her capsule collection features designers such as Brunello Cucinelli, Tom Ford, and Ralph Lauren.
Sam Kori George

Sam Kori George, a Chicago-based fashion designer, is the founder of the award-winning name-brand line Sam Kori George. Originally from Iraq, George grew up observing his mother's unfailing commitment to fashion and style. As a result, Sam developed a deep appreciation for clean lines, the perfect fit, and fine fabrics. He launched his business in 2002 and has since expanded it to a sprawling studio. With an eye for quality and detail, Sam sources fabric from all over the world for his collections.

The first place to visit if you're planning to visit Chicago is Sam Kori George's "atelier," at 1 E. Delaware Place. The designer has been designing women's fashions for almost 10 years. While browsing his atelier, you'll notice gifts from his clients and framed photos of their grandchildren. Sam Kori George, Fashion Designer Chicago, invites you to meet with him for a personal consultation.
Production Mode

For the most part, Chicago fashion designers have their own stores, but they have a growing list of ethical brands to choose from. The newest Chicago designer to join the scene is Thierry Roger, who works with textile companies in China, Peru and the US. Although the clothing business has its share of pitfalls, Hayes's approach is far from typical. In Chicago, he collaborates with SERRV, Threads of Yunnan and Intecrafts Peru. The company also supports the Fair Trade campaign, ensuring that city employees wear sweatshop-free uniforms. Besides insisting on fair wages for all employees, Hayes hired a skilled artisan through the Refugee Resettlement Program at Catholic Charities.

In addition to providing business training and technical product development tools to students, the Chicago Fashion Institute also provides space for manufacturing. Macy's donated the space for the new center in 2007, and Beeler Construction renovated the space to create the Richard H. Driehaus Entrepreneurial Center, where students can use sewing machines and press stations. The school is a valuable resource for young fashion designers who want to expand their creative vision. Hopefully, this new incubator will lead to an increase in the number of ethical fashion designers.

HERO/BLACK is a Chicago-based fashion designer that specializes in streetwear and high-end clothing. This company's high-end streetwear aesthetic elevates urban street style into chic, sophisticated ensembles. Featuring classic streetwear silhouettes and contemporary high-end materials, HERO/BLACK is a must-have for any fashion enthusiast. Located in the heart of the city, this Chicago-based brand is a must-have for a stylish and fashionable look.

The story behind HERO/BLACK begins with an encounter between Angela and Rhea over a jacket. Their friendship grew into a partnership that led to a luxury street brand that sells out constantly. Recently, the HERO/BLACK brand hosted an opening party at the Virgin Hotel in Chicago. It's no surprise that HERO/BLACK is taking the fashion world by storm.